Thank you for viewing my work archives.  If you wish to contact me regarding writing opportunities, I can be reached at

2014-2016: Working on a humor based memoir of working in an office to be completed summer 2016. Feel free to reach out for inquiries.

Redeye Newspaper (Chicago Tribune Media Group)

Some passengers need a timeout- 11.23.11

Looking for some Kardashian klues- 11.4.11

Dude! Hands off the merchandise- 9.15.11

Don’t touch my doggie woggie- 8.27.11

Put a ring on it, then steer clear- 8.18.11

Nature calls- even at work- 8.4.11

Is this the year I become tan?- 5.25.11

How to fake it as a Bulls fan- 5.12.11

Two Weddings and a grudge- 4.27.11

Redeye/ChicagoNow Marathon Missfit Blog

Marathon Missfit– 2.2.10-1.17.11


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