Train Jumping

Just when you thought it wasn’t physically possible for me to be more of a bad ass, I jump a train! 

Alright, more like carefully walked through the CTA train car, but still. 

Last week I crossed off the first item from my bucket list (which you can check out on the page up top marked…bucket list), crossing through to another CTA car while the train was moving. I’ve seen people do it a hundred times, but was too afraid to take the plunge. Occasionally I’d eye the CTA door that leads to the next car, plotting my move, but I’d always chicken out.

I told my coworkers about it last week, and one of my coworkers who also takes the same line laughed and said she’d take me through next time we were on the train together. THEN FATE STRUCK! Two days later, were on the train Friday evening heading home. I started asking her how you go about opening the door and before you know it she was up and heading for the door! I followed as she flung the door open. We were underground and the made a turn AS WE WERE BETWEEN CARS. I AM SO COOL. Thanks to my cool coworker anyway. 

Oh I so did NOT stop.

Here is a video reenactment of what it was like. Minus the helicopter.