I Hate Your Face (And Other Things I Wish I Could Tell My Coworkers)

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About the Book:

Connie has had bad luck with coworkers ever since her lemonade stand partners pushed her out at the age of six. In her debut collection of humor essays, Connie provides entertainment with hysterical stories about awkward workplace situations, ridiculous coworkers, and enough happy hour cocktails to make you question her life choices. From low paying high school gigs to “real world” marketing jobs in Chicago, Connie presents stories about life both in and out of the office that will have you laughing out loud in the break room.

About the Author:

Connie O’Reyes is a humor writer who has debuted at #1 on Amazon’s New Releases, Humor Essays, and Business Humor rankings. Her book, I Hate Your Face,  has appeared on various media outlets and is sold through Amazon and various bookstores.