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Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred- Days 6-19

Holy crap! I made it to day 19! That’s further than I have ever made it with this DVD!

As you may recall, I’ve been doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred for the past few weeks, aiming for at least 3x a week. I’m doing 10 days of each level, and I am so glad to have one day left before the final level.

Level 2 is ok. I don’t like the strength moves as much as I liked the ones in level 1, and there seems to be a lot of push-up/plank type moves, which are tough. I miss the squat and boxing cardio session from level 1- I could do that move all day long.

No change in my pants size or weight, but I’m starting Lent by giving up sweets and booze, so if I finish this DVD, change my diet, and still don’t see a change? I’m flying to LA to personally challenge Jillian in a boxing match.




Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred- Days 1-5

ALRIGHT. Here’s what’s going on. I’ve been on an all-sugar diet for the past few months. Despite my short-lived, newly regenerated metabolism that is active thanks to pumping, this wasn’t a problem, until now when I’m starting to see the weight come back. Enter- Jillian Michael’s and her 30 day shred.

I’ve had this DVD for years, and it is my go-to for when I want to start working out, but it’s too cold to go anywhere, or for when I’m trying to start a new challenge. I’ve started this DVD maybe 10 times over the years, but I’ve never finished the 30 days. Hell, I’ve probably never made it past day 7. Because I’ve had good luck in the past with posting my insane workout goals- I’m posting my goal now to finish this stupid DVD once and for all. I’M GONNA GET SHREDDED.


There are 3 levels of workouts, and each is only 20 minutes long. So I should always be able to fit in a 20 minute workout at home. I’m allowing no more than 2 days off in between to rest, and if I go over I have to start again. I did days 1-5 last week and I’m doing 10 days of each level, so hopefully I’ll be done with level 1 this week. If you don’t own this workout DVD, it’s pretty effective, she does 3 sets of┬ástrength, cardio, and abs, and by the time we get to the abs part I’m excited to lay on the floor.

The only problem with this quick, effective workout is Jillian herself. I have a love/hate relationship with her. I love that she made this challenging workout that gets results, and I hate that she annoys me. Hearing her banter over and over again is a lot to take, and by the time we’re doing the 2nd set of cardio, I’m doing my boxing punches right at the screen, aiming at her. It’s sooo annoying when she tries to talk to the 2 workout ladies, Anita and Natalie. And it’s obvious she is crushing on Natalie hardcore. I want to say “Get a room Jillian! I’m trying to do squats here!” Luckily it’s a quick DVD.

I think what’s worked so far is that I eased into it. I didn’t use weights for the first 4 days. For the next 3 I’m using 1 lbs weights, and for the next 3 I’ll try my 5 lb weights. I’m doing 10 days of each level, and I’m eager to get it over with, so aside from my weekend break, by Sunday I was ready to get back at it.

If you have any tips on how to survive Jillian Michaels for 30 days I’d love to hear it. And if you’re in the middle of your own workout challenge good luck! I’m right here next to you, huffing and puffing along.




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