Attention world! I Hate Your Face (And Other Things I Wish I Could Tell My Coworkers) is out NOW on Amazon!

So far, it has hit the following milestones:

#1 in New Releases for Humor Essays

#1 in  Books/Humor/Business & Professional Books

#7 in Kindle/Humor Essays

If you think this is going to my head, you’re absolutely right. As of this moment, my Kindle version is beating some well named celebrity memoirs. It’s taking all my will power not to be all, IN YOUR FACE AMY SCHUMER. But I’ll try to keep it tame for when I see these people on the Kindle red carpet some day.

The road to self publishing was lots of work, but I am so happy that this project is out there for you to read. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it makes you laugh. Thank you to all my blog readers and friends who have taken the time to read my stuff in the past, I hope it lives up to your expectation!






New look, who dis?

You know that feeling when you go to the dentist past your six month period and he’s all like, ‘where have you been?’ and you’re like, ‘I’VE BEEN BUSY CHEWING ON STRAWS AND ROTTING MY TEETH, OK?’ and then it’s kind of awkward until the drill starts and you can zone out? That’s where I’m at right now.

Hello internet! Oh how I’ve missed you. It’s been a minute since we last spoke. I am crawling out of my hole of editing to announce my BOOK LAUNCH with a fresh new ‘do on the blog. Yay!

I HATE YOUR FACE (And Other Things I Wish I Could Tell My Coworkers) will be released on AMAZON and select stores July 28th, 2018. I cannot wait for you all to read the longest project I’ve ever worked on, and hope you truly love it.

Talk soon!