I Hate Your Face Book Cover Reveal!

Yesterday the paparazzi (aka my sister, the main character in chapter 2, The Flying O’Reyes Sisters) leaked my book cover on Snapchat! Luckily my BFF (see chapter 3, The Story of Box Mountain and Best Friends) let me know because I never go on Snapchat.

So now that it’s out there, I think it’s time to reveal the cover. Making it with my awesome designer was such a fun experience, and it was so exciting to see the progression of ideas to get to this point. I hope you all love it and can’t wait for you to see it on shelves soon!



Step 5 in writing a book: Done!

As I mentioned last week, I wrote the first draft of my book. Part of my awesome 10 step plan to writing/publishing said book is rewarding myself after the first draft is complete with a fancy purse. Now, step 5 is complete, and it’s on to editing.

I went to the Chicago Premium Outlet mall in Aurora because I was meeting my friend Terri nearby for lunch, and also because I heard the Rosemont outlet mall stinks. There, I was conflicted with the most difficult choice in my entire life, do I buy a Coach purse, or a Kate Spade?

I wandered aimlessly through both stores, hoping to find the perfect one. Then, I kid you not, this wallet literally jumped off the shelf and on to the floor in front of me:



I didn’t get it though because it was beige. But it made me realize, I didn’t have to choose- I could get a wallet at one store, and a purse at the other!

So here they are, my fancy first draft purse and my fancy first draft wallet! (Not pictured, my fancy first draft shirts and jewelry I bought at some other stores. YOLO or whatever.)


And now, because they cost as much as my word count, I will never buy a fancy purse or wallet again until I make a movie.