I like ranting about ridiculous stuff. Like when a trip to the grocery store turns into a total disaster, my ongoing misadventures in getting fit, or mentally punching the person next to me on the train for chewing his gum too loud. Basically, my stories make a big deal out of the everyday little things normal people choose to ignore.

I am writing a humor based essay collection on my adventures of working in an office coming out in July 2018, available through Amazon and select bookstores. Inquiries can be made to connieoreyes@gmail.com and you can read an excerpt here: https://connieoreyes.com/2014/12/01/i-really-am-trying-to-write-a-book/


What’s with the “O” in Connie O’Reyes?

Once upon a time, my parents were wondering how they could possibly put a name to the greatest thing that was about to enter the world.  Afraid his first-born would lose all her Irish charm to the strong name “Reyes,” my oh-so-brilliant father thought it’d be clever to give her a middle name that would blend the Mexican/Irish awesomeness into “O’Reyes.”

Why my mother agreed to this is beyond me.