Weigh in Wednesday- Week 2

First, I want to add a point of last week’s Weigh in Wednesday post to note that Weigh in Wednesday is for all those looking to be healthy, not just the ones who need to lose weight! My friend Tracy made a good point and if anyone is looking for a way to monitor their healthy lifestyle, feel free to check in/post comments on your weekly wins as well!

Now, on to how I lost 7 pounds in a week (spoiler, it involves lots of puking). But first! Let’s see how I did with my goals this week:

1. Eat healthy (For me, it’s making lunch from home instead of ordering lunch all the time).

Nailed it! Brought food from home for lunch, and even ate 2/3 of my weekend dinners at home. Score!

2. Don’t drink pop.

Drank 3.5. I blame this on my cold I got on Thursday. Considering I was drinking at least 2 cans/day, this is not bad. Better next week!

3. Exercise (For me, 3x a week, long run on the weekend to train for Soldier Field 10 in May).

Hahaha. So about that. This is how my week went:

Day 1 (last Wednesday): Started the ab/squat 30 day challange! Woo! Going to be fit by summer!

Thursday: Horrendous cold/fever/death.

Friday: Death continued.

Saturday: Still deathish, played indoor soccer (or, played in for a few minutes until I got tired, which was quickly).

Sunday: Back to normal! But no exercise.

Monday: Restart ab/squat challenge! Yay!


Today: Still deathly. But keeping down Gatorade!

Conclusion? Every time I start the ab/squat challenge I get horribly sick. It’s unreal. I have been bragging all winter about how I haven’t been sick once this year and then BAM! Death strikes twice. If you’d like to try out the ab/squat sickness challenge, you can find it here. 

The result is that I lost a wopping 7 lbs. Obviously that’s not a true loss so I will note it as such:

Look! A Chart!

Week Pounds Lost
1 0
2             7 *Flu


And I promise to never, ever again wish for a stomach flu to drop some pounds fast, even though it is the best line in Devil Wears Prada…

What are your goals/updates/challenges for the week?

One thought on “Weigh in Wednesday- Week 2

  1. Maggie March 21, 2014 / 11:34 am

    Haha, that IS one of the best lines in that movie. She had so many good lines.

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