New Years Resolutions 2014 style

Yes, I know it is the second week of February and I’m just now laying out my resolutions. But as my friend Steph smartly pointed out that Chinese New Year’s started at the END of January, so I’ll start from there.

This year, in addition to my long, over the top New Year’s Goals, which I failed at miserably last year, I decided to write a shorter list each month to make the big one more manageable. Is it working? Kinda. Here’s how January went:

January Goals:

1. Blog 3 times

I blogged twice in January!

2. Learn a software program at work that I needed to learn

Nailed it!

3. Survive taking 2 grad school classes

Taking them? Yes. Surviving? Kinda? I am more stressed than last quarter, but I am already past midterms so I think I will live. Next quarter I’m cutting back to 1 though because my big year goal related to this is, “Take  as many classes as I can without going crazy.” Emphasis on the not going crazy part.

4. Lose 5 lbs

Lost it, found it, then lost some again. Now that goal 6 is done, this should go better next month.

5. Write up to chapter 5 of my book

Did it!!!! Next goal is up to chapter 8.

6. Finish tiling the basement floor

Did it! After a crazy run in with a Luna flooring sales person, Andrew and I took on the challenge of tiling and grouting the basement. It looks awesome and I feel so cool for doing it. Now that this is done, I can set up the basement to be Connie’s workout room, so next month the weight loss goal should be achieved. I hope.

7. Run 6 times

Pffft. Next month.


One thought on “New Years Resolutions 2014 style

  1. Jen May 12, 2014 / 3:46 pm

    I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost imosepibls.

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