Mindy Kaling’s flaw on Elle cover

The last time I wrote about a cover of Elle magazine, I got BOMBARDED by two lesbian comedians on Twitter who were surprisingly unfunny. But I thought this was important enough to bring up and share with the world, so here we go. 

Elle magazine is in the midst of yet another cover scandal that involves an actress who is not thin. For their upcoming covers, 4 women of TV were chosen on the cover. Notice anything different? 



People of the internet are screaming that Mindy Kaling’s cover is racist and not nice to the fatties of the world. I say this with hesitance because I don’t think she is fat, but this is what people are saying.  PS- has no one ever noticed Zooey Daschenel’s thighs? I don’t think she technically qualifies as thin either, but that’s not the argument here. Moving on!

Scanning the internet, I came across this close up picture from The Gloss and noticed something even more shocking than racism or fatism.

Can you spot it? 


No? Look clooosserrr: 


Why does it look like her ring fingernail is so long! Gross! It totally looks like she has a coke fingernail! 

For those of you who are asking, “What is a coke fingernail?” Here is the definition from Urban Dictionary: 

coke nail
When a person has one especially long nail, used to do cocaine off of. Generally a pinky nail.
“Did you notice that cashier’s crazy long coke nail?”
Apparently it’s typically a pinky nail, but it’s still long and weird. Upon spending the first half of my work day staring at it horrifically, feeling that Mindy K. would never have such an abnormality on her, especially since I am in the middle of her book and feel like I know her super well, I realized it is simply a mismatched lining of her nail and the top of her shirt. But still, you would think the editors would have caught that. 
PS-If you haven’t read Mindy’s book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, (And Other Concerns) you should totally read it. Her first chapter reminded me of the one I have written and therefore we are basically first chapter BFFS. 

Also, who allowed this? 


Probably the same person that allowed this: 


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