Chompers and the Skunk

Back before it started snowing every three days, we noticed a skunk in the neighborhood. We could smell it before we even spotted it, but as soon as I saw it waddling across the street, I expected it was only a matter of time before Chompers got sprayed by a skunk. It was inevitable. But by some miracle of God (or a fast moving car), the skunk disappeared and I never had to give Chompo a tomato juice bath. But here is how I imagine it would have gone down had that skunk made it into our yard…

Hello! Chumpo here, do do do, just sitting around minding my own business.


Hmm, that’s weird, do you smell something?


OHMYGOODNESS! There is a smelly looking mini me over there. Don’t look! He might spray me!


Ahhh! I’ve been skunked!


Meh. This isn’t so bad. You’re my new best friend.


The end!

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