Summa Cum Laude or Bust

I got an A in my first grad school class! Yay! I’m going back to school so that people can call me Master as if they were my genie. It was scary to start back again, especially after I lied to myself after graduating from college and told myself I’d never have to learn again, ever. But here I am and the first one didn’t kill me, so on to classes 2 and 3 in January.

And now, 3 takeaways from my first grad school class:

1. Group projects still suck:

I’ve been working in a cushy place where people respect me and listen to my opinions. I forgot what it was like to work with sucky people. Although my group consisted of mostly lovely group members, there’s always that one. For half of the quarter, we had weekly meetings where one dude talked over me every-single-time I spoke. It went like this

Me: So I think we shoul-Him:LET’S LOWER PRICES!

Everyone else: Uhhh, no?

Me: Why don’t we-Him: WE NEED TO INCREASE SALES!

Everyone else: Duh?

So that was fun.

2. The professor is the only one in the room who is funny

My professor really liked to think he was funny. That’s cool, so do I, but he wouldn’t let me spread my wings. Case and point: my first paper. After talking to him in depth about the ending of Breaking Bad, I decided to make the ballsy decision to use it as a theme for my first paper where we had to develop/market a new model of a mop. I wrote about a model mop that would be targeted toward the “underground meth lab demographic
” and offered features such as a handle that would be finger print proof and a special spray that would eliminate traces of DNA. I got an A, but the professor wrote in big red letters “funny but not appropriate- you wouldn’t send this to a client…”. I felt like Ralphie when his teacher handed him back his Christmas theme paper with “You’ll shoot you’re eye out.” -_*

3. The GMAT is useless

I have yet to be asked what the dimension of a cylinder is in grad school. Granted, I have only taken one class, but I can safely say the GMAT was a waste of my time. Potential grad students, don’t stress to much over it- worry about more important things, like which backpack will make the other kids like you or what type of lunch you should pack for the first day. Both of these things are much more important in my opinion.

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