Writing a Book: Outline and Chapter 1

I just wrote the first chapter of my book, and I am in love. I want everyone to read it RIGHT NOW, and I can’t wait to write more.

I know this feeling is going to soon fade away, and there will be a point where I’ll want to throw the whole thing away, but for now, I am loving this.

You might remember me talking or writing about how I was working on this before. I often mention it in bucket lists and casual conversation. I even had an easy-to-follow 10 step plan that I created that started as follows:

1. Create a vague plot outline

2. Create a detailed chapter outline

3. Character profiles

4. Write.

Step 4 was where I always stopped. I started out with a fiction novel in mind, but that wasn’t coming out very easy. So I put that aside and started a new one- a memoir. When I say memoir, you’re probably thinking of a famous person who everyone wants to hear about the personal stories of their love affairs and drug stories. I don’t have anything cool like that, but there are memoirs out there of the non A list celebrity, and hopefully mine will be one of them.

I took a week off from work last week to hibernate and get started. I made my chapter outline that I really like. I didn’t even have note cards, but I had some old envelopes that  I had leftover from the wedding thank yous and used those. Then my pile of envelopes sat on the coffee table until Andrew asked what they were. I told him, and he said something like didn’t you write an outline before and I shrieked to leave me alone, drank a glass of wine, and stormed off, just like I imagine Hemingway did. Being a writer is going to be fun.

Then yesterday I was sitting at my computer, and out of nowhere, I finally summed up the courage to open a word doc and start. It was amazing. I’ve been waiting for some big parade to commence this whole thing, but it turns out all I had to start typing words. Amazing.

So what’s it about? Well here’s an excerpt from the FIRST CHAPTER!

“…it’s about the encounters with strange coworkers, awkward situations that come with learning a new job, and scary career decisions one’s forced to make way too early on in life that can well impact their future. You know, the shit that makes everyone in any profession drink the alcohol.”

And here is my favorite quote so far:

“But seriously, fathers, you want to know how to keep your daughter off the pole? Make her shovel and take out the trash. Those are two viable professions right there.”

Thank you everyone who’s been bugging me to get this thing started. Keep bugging me until this thing’s finished.

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