How do you use the Internet?

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I think I’m using the Internet wrong. Aside from blogging, (which, if you haven’t noticed lately, my updating frequency has gone up a gazillion percent!) I only go on a hand full of sites. According to Chrome, these are my most viewed sites:


1. Facebook (all day. 24/7.)

2. Gmail (my mom sends me lots of emails)

3. Twitter (even though I RARELY tweet anymore)

4. Yahoo (What’s Miley up to today? I must know!)

5. #whatshouldwecallme (for the LOLz)

6. Pinterest (ALL OF THE GLITTERS!)

7. This blog (I feel like this is the part in Mean Girls where Janis says, “the greatest people you will ever meet.”)

8. Anti-Cruelty (Nobody tell Andrew we’re getting 5 dogs soon, ok?)

This list is pathetic. And although I’d argue that Facebook does keep me abreast (heehee) of random news things, like that shutdown stuff, and local teams of sport, my compilation of where I spend my time online is lame.

So I ask you this- what are your favorite sites? Please send advice, I clearly need it.

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