I freaking love fall

It’s too hot out this week to appreciate the awesomeness of the season. Fall is numero uno hands down, followed by the last few weeks of summer that feel like fall is coming and that one day in March that’s unusually warm. Here’s why:

1. HOODIES. My God, is there anything better in life than wearing a hoodie outside? No. There is not. Hoodies are comfy, hoodies don’t accentuate your midsection and make you question your entire self worth. In fact, they have an extra flap to distract the eye away and to hold a can of beer in. Case closed, hoodies are the best things ever.

2. PUMPKIN SHIT. “Just hook it to my veins!!!!!” That’s what I want to scream at the nervous looking barista when I storm into Starbucks like Frankenstein. Truthfully, I’m not a purist- pumpkin pies kind of gross me out, mainly because I have eyes and see how its basically a can of brown blob. But sprinkle some cinnamon and nutmeg on anything this time of year and I will pay top dollar. It’s getting to the point where I bought my own spices, and I soon fear that pumpkin spice will be my top condiment over the holy ketchup bottle.

3. SMELL. Fall smells like dry leaves and bond fires and pumpkin and apple pie. Do you know what summer smells like? B.O. And butt. And a hint of garbage. At least that’s what I’ve been exposed to each day on the train. Winter smells OK with the peppermint deal its got going on, but usually my nose is too stuffed up to want to live, let alone smell things. FALL on the other hand is the best.

4. EASY BREEZY. I don’t know why a simple thing like air makes me go from “IT’S HOT, STAB PUNCH KILL” to “OOO! Let’s go pick leaves and hold hands!” But it does. Fans don’t compare to the greatness of a cool breeze pushing into your home, killing the stank that was summer. (Again, summer=butt).

5. TELEVISION. After three months of watching Roseanne reruns, I’ve lost the will to live. But then suddenly, out of nowhere, new TV shows are born and come into my world again, keeping me from doing something drastic like homework or exercising. The fall line up is more exciting to me than I imagine winning a million dollars would be. I’d have no idea how to cash in a lotto ticket, I do however know how to turn on the TV.

6. FOOTBALL. Do I watch it? No. Every year I say I will but before the first flag is thrown I lose interest. BUT! It’s fun watching everyone get all dressed up in matching clothes and get excited about stuff. Anything you can shout at without getting weird looks is good in my book.

7. HALLOWEEN. I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT HALLOWEEN!! Seriously, what holiday is more great than eating candy all day month, dressing up and partying with your friends in ridiculous costumes. It’s the Great Pumpkin all day, errday.

That’s all I can think of right now. Anyone else have anything?

(And a fancy courtsey to Carolyn who reminded me how much I love the season. =D)

One thought on “I freaking love fall

  1. Anonymous October 2, 2013 / 3:11 pm

    Love this post!

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