For Carl

With Carl gone, there are random things in life that will always remind me of him- poker tables, Bears games, broken in baseball caps, Marlboro reds. But the emotion and sadness that will come when I see these things bring back the memory I will remember most about him, his heart.

Carl was a wonderful man. When I tell people of his passing, the first thing that is always said is how nice of a guy he was. His character was filled with sincerity and kindness that will always be remembered the most. There are few men who are brave enough to show that much care and compassion to the people in their lives. Whether it was his devotion to this mother in her life, the excitement he showed in talking about his godson, or his outwardly love and compassion to his friends, he was strong in his will to show his love for the people he chose to surround himself with. Always the top pick for groomsmen, his friends always kept him close, because he was the guy you wanted to have in your corner.

What’s most upsetting about this all is how someone who made everyone so happy could ever be filled with any sadness. It’s hard to think that he ever could be down, because whenever he was there he lit up the room, and made us happy just to have him nearby. It’s easy to fill ourselves with sorrow and regret, and to fill ourselves with only memories of the end. But that would erase all the work he put into his friendships and diminish all the good times he created and loved himself. So instead of being overwhelmed with his loss, let’s instead remember how lucky we are that in his brief time on earth, he chose to spend that time with us. I will remember Carl as I knew him best- a loyal friend, a caring man, and the sweetest guy who would always be there at the drop of his hat.

Where we once had a friend who was always by our side, we now have a guardian angel up there in high demand, because who wouldn’t want the nicest guy to have your back.

We love you Carl, take care.


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