Sound the Trumpets!

Well hello!

After a brief hiatus from the blogging world to focus on other endeavors (read: I got married, decided I want to focus my life on writing, and hung out with Chompers a lot), I’m thrilled to say I’m back! I’ll be writing here frequently so check back often!

What’s this blog about you ask? Well, everything. My life, my writing life, how I am domestically challenged as well as my Missfit endeavors in the fitness world. Basically my goal is to make milk snort out of your nose from laughter.

I’ve added some awesome features to help you navigate your way around. Here’s some highlights:

1. I Tweet on the Side. Are you on Twitter? I am! We should totally be friends.

2. Work. I do some freelance awesomeness on the side. Lucky for you I’ve archived all my stories into the tab above. (Sidenote: now no one has an excuse to say, “Aww, I didnt’ get the paper today, gee shucks!” If you try this I will promptly direct you back to this post and make you feel horribly awkward. Your move.)

3. Sharing is caring! Now in addition to commenting you can Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet, Dig, and do all kinds of social media sharing after each post. And for every share an angel gets its wings….or I just get really excited and run around the apartment with Chompers, one of the two.

4. Subscribe via email! On the right side rail you can subscribe to my posts via email. You know, in case your boss is a total loser and doesn’t appreciate you reading a blog with my face on it during work hours. That moron.

And now, I give you some awesome self portraits I took that didnt’ make it into the header. Enjoy!

Apparently I thought this was a blog about pirates.
There were more of these than I care to admit.Thrilling.

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