Things I do out of spite

This Saturday AC and I ran into Jewel and somehow ended up in the toy/magazine aisle (don’t ask). Anyway, as we were testing out all the toys in Jewel, a lady passed by with her man friend and picked up the new Vogue which had Tina Fey on the cover.  This is what she said (in more words or less)

Uggo Lady: “What the hell, first she tries to be a nerd now she’s on the cover of Vogue? That’s so stupid.”

Then she stomped away with her gross man friend following along.

Umm, what the hell? Just because poor Tina Fey wanted to look different and take her glasses off the cover doesn’t mean she’s not trying to be a nerd. She never was “trying to be a nerd” she just chose to wear glasses! Sooorrry you’re a he-man and get jealous off of other people’s success, maybe YOU should try being a nerd, then you’d be successful instead of sitting around Jewel criticizing successful women.

Long story short- I’m now a proud owner of the new issue of Vogue, if anyone wants to borrow it. =D

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