Sunny Days

Thank you to my old friend and new reader Emily, who has reminded me that today is Sesame Street’s Birthday! It is shockingly 40 years old today, which is weird because I thought it was like 25 years old, but apparently not.

I’m quite confident in saying that I learned an innumerable amount of things on the Street. The most obvious being that Cookie starts with C, but so much more. I learned that Grouches like trash, Big Birds hang out with Snuffleupaguses, Monsters aren’t scary but usually nice and more scared than you are (like Telly!), Rubber Duckies make bath time so much fun, and SO MUCH MORE.

I loved the Sesame Street specials like Follow that Bird (the one where Big Bird tries to find his family, turns blue, then realizes his family is really Sesame Street), Big Bird goes to China (with Barkley of course, because you can’t leave your dog at home when you go to China), Big Bird goes to Japan (this was the one with Bamboo princess who really is taken back to the moon after she helps Big Bird and Barkley find their way back to the group-very sad). And my FAVORITE- Don’t Eat the Pictures- where Big Bird helps a mysterious Egyptian boy answer a riddle so that he can become a star like his parents.

….does anyone remember any of those- or have I just revealed that I am a total dork?

Either way, I DON’T CARE! Sesame Street was awesome and I hope it’s around long enough for my kids to watch. Not that I plan on having kids, but the cute children I steal from the park might like to enjoy watching some Big Bird.

So, am I the only one that grew up on the ‘Street? If you’d like, comment back who your favorite character was, and what your favorite memory was too!  For me, I’d have to say Cookie Monster, Grouch, Ernie, and Smiley.

Oscar's BFF

My two favorite memories both involve the muppets losing it. The first is when Kermie is trying to direct Oklahoma, but Jones keeps messing it up.

LOL, the second one is when Bert and Ernie are fishing and Ernie teaches Bert that he has to call the fish. When I was younger and went fishing my mom would do this all the time. Just watch!

Heehee, alright I’m going to go watch some more Sesame Street videos on youtube while you tell me your favorite character and memory!

(Note, I was going to put have a Sunny Day at the end of this post, but that was waaaayyy too cheesy and unlike me, so just scram!)



6 thoughts on “Sunny Days

  1. Princess Aurora November 10, 2009 / 8:43 pm

    OMG, my sisters and I grew up on this too and we’ve been enjoying a few oldies too! Heeeeere fishy fishy fishy was DEFINITLY a favorite at my house. Also the little doll house thing, i dunno if we’re the only ones who remember it but that good stuff! here is my favorite:

  2. patty November 10, 2009 / 10:10 pm

    Sesame Street rocks!! Tony was not that into them but I’ve been trying to get Josh into them more. Josh seems to really like them.
    Tony just saw Elmo in Grouchland and Follow that Bird (both very cute).
    Last weekend, Joshua got a fuzzy Grover.
    My favorite is Kermit, Cookie Monster, and Grover.
    Your bff used to carry around Ernie…did you know that?
    Virgil loves Super Grover…very cute.
    Virgil grew up on a book called “The monster at the end of the book”…basically a book about grover and it is really silly and cute. Tony now has that very same book which he loves too.
    And don’t worry all 12 of your kids will enjoy Sesame Street too and if not, there’s always DVDs 😉

  3. cisforconnie November 11, 2009 / 11:12 am

    Carolyn- It was the only sure fire way to catch a fish!! And I remember the cats invading the house =)

    Patty- I’m glad Josh is a fan! And yes, I know she had the Ernie doll, still has one I think! =D And Grover was awesome, I remember that skit where he kept running through a saloon door, “around, around, over and under and through!”

    oh man, I could probably start a whole new site dedicated to Sesame Street!

  4. Emily November 11, 2009 / 11:52 am

    I’m famous!!!!

    My favorite was Oscar the Grouch. He cracked me up. Still does!

  5. Alicia November 12, 2009 / 9:35 am

    Well, I guess it’s no secret that Ernie was my fave. And yes I carried a lil Ernie everywhere with me. He was the best.

    I also enjoyed Cookie monsters antics. Mostly because he would just mash cookies all over the place like a mad man. It was hiiiiiilarious. I hear he doesn’t do that anymore and that he eats other things like veggies. Sad.

    Oh and Connie, I LOOOOOVE when Kermit’s doing the director thing for Oklahoma. I enjoy chaos.

    AAAAAND last but not least i heart Big Bird. He was def 2nd to Ernie. He was so sweet and gentle and I loved Follow that Bird. Good times.

  6. CcanAlsoStand4Caitlyn November 15, 2009 / 4:47 pm

    There is my favorite 🙂 with my favorite Ernie!!

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