Don’t mess with the dead…

Fat guy in a little coat- meet little guy with no shame.

If you haven’t seen them already, Direct TV has a new set of campaign ads where they get washed up actors who were in famous movies and have them re-enact the scenes and stop them, so they can pretend they’re in the scene and sell you Direct TV. Get it? Ok, you might have seen a couple of these, and at first I thought it was funny, mostly because these people were in good movies and are now doing crappy commercials, but still- funny. 

Then last night, I saw the one where David Spade is in the scene with Chris Farley, and he’s making fun of him (like he does in the movie) and says something like oh I’m here with tons of fun instead of watching Direct TV. 

 It’s disturbing. And I don’t like it.

Why don’t I like it? I’ll tell you. It’s just weird. It’s as if either David Spade is dead, and they’re in purgatory re-enacting old funny roles they did. (Note: I did not say heaven or hell, because here at C is for Connie we don’t judge or mock the dead-only the living). OR it’s like Chris Farley isn’t dead and all those crappy movies Spade did can be erased from our memory. Remember him in 8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter? Well now we don’t have to! Farley’s alive and now so is Spade’s career! Hooray!!!!

But sadly that’s not the case.  Farley’s still dead, ergo so is Spade’s career. Good try though little guy- at least you knew bringing Farley back to life was the only way to bring back your paychecks. But, have you no shame sir? For that answer, see below image:


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