A Spike Jonze Joint

Warning: This post is not intended to scare you, but it is pretty down-right frightening how slowly my mind works sometimes.

Ok, so I’m sure you are all aware that the children’s book, Where the Wild Things Are is now a movie, yes? Well as an avid reader of that book when I was a kid (actually, my mom read it to me all the time- shout out to “crazy lady”!!) and I lovvveedd it. It was right up there with Cat in the Hat and Brave Irene, which should also be turned into a movie.  Here is a picture of the greatness in its original form:


So being a fan, I was thrilled/curious when it came out. Especially when all the hype started about how Spike Jonze was going to be directing the film.  I even chimmed in on multiple occasions saying, “Oh my God! I can’t believe Spike Jonze is directing this! It will be so weird to see what he does with it!” THINKING in my head that I knew damn well who Spike Jonze was.

Now, as someone who sits on msn celebrity gossip all day and reads the Red Eye (heehee, shameless plug if you haven’t heard I got another one-liner in today!) I’d like to think I’m fairly on top of celeb news. This wasn’t always the case.  When I was in my pre-teen stage I specifically remember my best friend Turk driving around with my mom and I, and somehow the topic of Madonna having a baby was brought up.  Apparently the Virgin herself was in her 8th month and I hadn’t heard.  You would have thought I didn’t know who the President of the United States was the way my mom and Turk went on and on, mocking my lack of topical knowledge. So ever since then I try to keep up on latest celeb news, at least enough to know more than my mom.

But when the name Spike Jonze came into my mind, I immediately thought I knew who it was. Spike Jonze! Oh he made that basketball movie! He’s like that crazy director that makes movies I never watch, right?  And in my head I imagined a black man with glasses and a goatee, somewhat sharing the image of a restaurant chef named Paige I used to work with.

But that’s not him.

APPARENTLY there are two Hollywood directors in the world both named Spike. Spike JONZE is a white guy, which I found out by seeing a picture of him in an article that someone was reading on the train. I thought, “Hey, why is there a picture of a white dude when it says Spike Jonze? Then it hit.


So in case anyone else in the world was/is as confused as I am by these Spikes, let me clarify, if not only for my own benefit:

Spike Lee- Director of such movies as Malcom X, Get on the Bus, Love & Basketball, etc.

Spike Lee
Spike Lee

 And Spike JONZE has directed various cinematic wonders such as Jackass 1 and 2, some music artist documentaries, and now WTWTA.


Spike Jonze
Spike Jonze

So there you have it, Spike and Spike. I swear its a wonder I make it to work on my own every day.

(Next time on How Connie’s mind works, learn how Connie has been holding a bowling ball the wrong way her entire life! Stay tuned…)


5 thoughts on “A Spike Jonze Joint

  1. Anonymous October 21, 2009 / 11:14 pm

    I’ll take white Spike =)

  2. Alicia October 22, 2009 / 9:45 am

    I dunno how you get through the day either Connie lol
    Thanks for the shout out 🙂

  3. cisforconnie October 22, 2009 / 10:30 am

    Editor’s Note: According to my coworker, Spike Jonze also directed some in-depth movies like Being Jon Malcovich and Adaptation, both of which I have not seen. So I guess he isn’t just a Jackass (director). =D

  4. ccouldstandforcaitlyn October 22, 2009 / 3:16 pm


    ( I think instead of mom in a heart tattoo ill get crazy lady in a heart)

  5. cisforconnie December 1, 2009 / 10:16 am

    Hi there. This is C is For Connie herself and I’ve noticed that a bunch of people from all over the world are searching for “spike jonze” and clicking through this post. Could anyone out there tell me what exactly they are looking for, that way I can edit my page to make sure people aren’t getting this post by mistake? Also, please let me know how you got to this page. Thanks very much, and if you like this post, feel free to read my other ones!


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