I’m the next (insert famous sport’s writer’s name here) but with GUM!

Well in the past 24 hours I became a sport’s writer and a Stride gum namer!  I tried to think of a name of a famous sports writer for my post title, but Ray Barone was the only name I could think of, and he wasn’t real.  ANYWHO Let me explain…

Yesterday on Twitter (see mini blogs on the right side of this page? That’s my twitter) the Red Eye Chicago newspaper posted their famous 5 on 5 and said that you could email your responses to them by noon in hopes of getting in the paper!  I love the 5 on 5, mainly because the responses require little knowledge of actual sports and make sports fun (kind of like the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, which is where I learn all my pol-o-mo-tics). 

I posted my 5 responses by noon, and checked my email the whole day to see if I received some sort of, “Congratulations! You’re going to be in the paper!” but got nothing.  So I assumed that I didn’t get in, but lo and behold, I was Tweeter #2!  It was exciting. I ran around the office showing all my coworkers, half expecting them to ask for my signature. But by noon the buzz wore down and I settled back to reality, kinda. I did wear my sunglasses on my way to lunch just in case I got bombarded with adoring fans, eagerly waiting for a sighting of yours truly. =D

I thought my other responses were quite decent as well, and yesterday going home I thought, “pssh, if they don’t put me in I’ll just put it on C is for Connie! Clearly my blog reaches a wider circulation than the Red Eye, I got spam from France last week, for cryin’ out loud!” So here they are, my 5 on 5 (Keep in mind I know nothing about sports, does it show?):

Q1. What should the Blackhawks do about their goalie situation?

Me: Hockey season started? I think you’ve got it wrong, I’m pretty sure its Football season…

*Q2. Do the Blackhawks have a “goalie controversy?”

Me: Why, did he win the Nobel Peace Prize too?

Q3. What’s worse: Being a winless NFL team or giving up the first win to a previously winless team?

Me: In the words of the great Vince Lombardi, “Show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a LOSER. (I love that quote! lol)

Q4. Where do you fall in the should-Rush Limbaugh-own-an-NFL-team-or-not debate?

Q4. Please see response to Q3, same applies.

Q5. What’s your favorite trick play in sports?

Q5. I’d like to see the Bear’s defensive line dress up in ghost costumes for Halloween so they can sneak up and scare the opposing team.

Q2 was the one that got in! Although my personal favorite was Q5.  So its been an exciting day for me! I’d like to thank the Red Eye for putting me in their paper, and all my blog followers who believed in me, even though you didn’t know I was submitting anything, still, I know you care. =D

But wait C is for Connie, didn’t you say something in the beginning of this blog about gum?

Why yes, yes I did!

Months and months and months ago, I entered the Stride gum name our new minty gum contest. They said give it a name that illustrated its mint flavor and also explained that its long lasting. Then something happened and they had to close the contest, but sent me an email saying they’d send me free gum since my name was a finalist but for legal reasons they couldn’t continue with the contest. Whatever, point is I got free gum! And they put my entry name on it! Ready for the greatest mint gum name ever? Drum roll please……………


This is what a degree in Marketing gets you- a carton of your own named gum. My mother was so proud.

patent pending….

6 thoughts on “I’m the next (insert famous sport’s writer’s name here) but with GUM!

  1. patty October 15, 2009 / 10:43 pm

    I would just like to say…you are the coolest!!! =D
    Love reading your blogs!!

  2. cisforconnie October 16, 2009 / 9:25 am

    Oh Patty Thank you! You don’t know how excited I get when I see a new comment in the morning- makes my day!! =D

  3. Terri October 16, 2009 / 1:10 pm

    I just had to comment on the gum! That is freakin’ awesome! You are totally a famous person. I feel so honored to know you.

  4. Alicia October 17, 2009 / 3:50 am

    I can’t believe you do all these ridiculous things while you are at work. I shoulda been a marketing major.

    PS: we are eating that gum. ❤

  5. Aurora October 18, 2009 / 3:32 pm

    I know a famous person!!! Published in the Redeye, AND marketing genious gum names? What’s next!

  6. Emily October 21, 2009 / 11:19 pm

    I’m pretty sure you should frame a pack of gum. How exciting! AND the red eye?!?!? The next time I see you I am demanding an autograph.

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