Bet you thought I was done talking about drool

I am EX-HAUSTED today. Complete, hand-holding-up-chin-don’t-you-dare-close-your-eyes-or-you’ll-wake-up-in-a-pile-of-drool tired.  You might think to yourself, Oh! What an exciting life Connie leads! She must have been up late last night living the high life with Chicago’s elite!  But you’d be dead wrong.

I think it’s the fact that the sky is a dark grey right now, and my mind is thinking soon it will be time to crawl into bed and doze off while watching all kinds of great tv. BUT ITS NOT EVEN 3 YET! OH THE HORROR!  I wonder if people in Chicago are less productive than in other parts of the world where they don’t experience an entire season where you should be in hibernation rather than walking to work…hmmm.

But the person who’s suffering the most this time of the year is my coworker, Jane (note: the name of my coworker has been replaced with Jane because she’s too awesome for a silly blog entry). The following is our recent, very professional business discussion that I probably shouldn’t put on the web becasuse its so important:

Me: Jannneeeeeee, aahhhhhh I’m so tirrrrreeeeeedddd- blaaahhhhhh (imagine me in my chair with my head twisting and arms thrashing, like I’m being eaten by a shark).

Jane: Oh I know honey, but we’re almost there.

Me: Nooooo we’re not!  I want to sleeep! It’s not even 4 yet! We’re going to be here foreeeevvvverrrrr! (Head slams down on desk)

Jane: Why don’t you get yourself some coffee to wake yourself up? (Oh, Jane, you know my weakness)

Me: sniff, sniff. Ok, I guess I can try that. (Thank GOD for Coffemate’s new Pumpkin Spice flavored cream- it’s saved me millions from stupid Starbucks, and its so tasty too!)

I saunter off to fill my mug with an ounce of coffee and 1/2 a cup of delicious nectar.  End scene.

Poor Jane probably never thought she’d be working in a daycare at her age. =/

One thought on “Bet you thought I was done talking about drool

  1. Aurora October 18, 2009 / 3:35 pm

    I know that feeling, it hits about 2 for me!

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