In the beginning….

Here is my very first blog ever!- well, kind of. I started this up for a few reasons:

1. I miss the old times of livejournal and having an outlet to rant and tell stories of my ridiculous daily events like farting coworkers and why I felt the need to punch practically everyone I met in the face (with good reason).
2. My favorite author, Ms. Jen Lancaster started out blogging and is now a NY best selling author. I think I could be a NY best selling author, it sure beats selling my organs for a down payment on a condo, right?
3. It’s been 6 years and 6 jobs later since I started working in an office, yet I have the same amount of free time at work as the days when I worked as an HR assistant filing for only 20 minutes a day in the tiny hole where my coworker kept his smelly gym clothes (some things you never get over).

So check in often and feel free to comment, as long as it’s songs of praise and not mean- because as (insert cool fake name of boyfriend here) says, I can dish it out but I can’t take it.


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